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The Do’s and Don’ts of Job-Hunting Post Covid-19 - updating your CV.

We are excited to be kicking off our new blog series, which is designed to support you, the candidate, by steering you in the right direction as the tourism, hotel and lodge industries gear up for business after the persistent lockdown period.

In our first series “The Do’s and Don’ts of Job-Hunting Post Covid-19”, we focus on the top ten mistakes to avoid when job hunting. Over the next ten weeks we will be unpacking these points, one at a time.

The first and most fundamental mistake you could be making is not updating your CV.

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In fact, your CV may be in need of a total redesign. As a recruitment agency with ten years of experience in the industry, more specifically in the African market, we have learned that this problem is one of the most significant struggles we face, particularly with our Southern African candidates! The majority of the CVs we receive are extremely out of date, both in content and visual presentation.

The lack of care taken in preparing CVs is alarming. The standard of CV’s offered by applicants are frequently antiquated, rendering most obsolete! We cannot stress enough how this aspect is and always will be one of the most important aspects of job hunting!

Job hunting is unfortunately in itself a task that can be considered almost a day job. It is vital that each application must be accompanied by a tailored CV for the specific role or vacancy you are applying for. It requires effort and attention to detail.

It is a time consuming process, but when generic CVs are sent out without adjusting accordingly, your chances are and will always be next to zero!

The employment market was already saturated with candidates, and extremely competitive, prior to the Covid-19 outbreak. The world’s economy has lost a considerable portion of its employment force and with markets in Africa so stretched now, and with unemployment rates above 50%, and climbing) the market for permanent employment will now be ever more challenging!

To be successful, you must stand out! Standing out takes effort and requires creativity, but that is what employers will be looking for. Now, more than ever, it is essential that you dedicate the due time to ensure that your CV is of a high standard of content and design!

Here is why:

Stop your CV from being binned! Get ready to soar to new heights with a tailored, quality CV!

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Presentation can make all the difference between success and failure. If the presentation of your CV is thoroughly professional, you as an applicant will immediately give the impression of being thoroughly professional yourself!  Julie Gray, author of Get That Job With The Right CV” also found on Takealot (eBook - R199) gives a comprehensive overview of the importance of spending time on your CV as the most important task of your job hunt process.

SafariStaff International also provides basic guidelines in terms of CV design which is tailored to the industry using our experience of the recruitment process to identify and provide insight to what is important and what is not! Visit our website and read our guideline notes on CV design and content to understand what is required from you. You can also read more about the five reasons why CV design is important here!

We earnestly encourage all candidates and job seekers to invest quality time in designing and writing CV’s and in particular, to tailor each application CV according to the very specific job description of the role you are applying for! Your chances of success are much higher and the probability of being invited for an interview greater than if not done correctly!

It will genuinely make a difference to your application process! Good luck in your job search!

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