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Ten things you should NOT be doing post COVID19 if you want to hire great people!Ghosting applicants

This week we continue with our new blog with the next post in our series entitled “Gearing up for Tourism”, during which we will be offering some practical advice to help you get your business geared up for when tourism opens up again. Over the next ten weeks we will be looking at the top ten things NOT to do when looking to hire quality employees in the post Covid-19 marketplace! This article is focussed on advice for those in the safari lodge responsible for recruitment processes!

Ghosting every applicant except the people you want to employ is likely to be interpreted as unprofessional!

In this article we urge you to ponder on the scary truth about ghosting and why you should not only respond to the applicant you choose to employ.

Ghosting, at the time, may not seem to be something to lose sleep over, but in the context of the tight-knit tourism industry and an ever-shrinking global community, ghosting is likely to come back to haunt you!

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Why not take a step back for a minute, and envisage yourself stepping into the applicant’s shoes. Observe from their perspective with what level of professionalism your recruitment process being carried out. This does not only apply to the advertising and interview phases. Once you have found the suitable candidate, it is highly recommended that you conclude the process by informing the unsuccessful candidates on your shortlist. They will appreciate and value your feedback and it will create a very good impression. You never know who you are dealing with and you may end up either working with, or even receiving business from, this candidate in future.

The most common justification we hear is that employers do not have the time to respond to unsuccessful applicants. Time is money, this is true. But can one really put a price tag on solid business acumen?

We strongly advise that you should only start with a recruitment process by engaging with any applicant (or even advertise any position within your lodge or operation) without being ready and prepared for the recruitment task. This includes allocating the necessary resources to the project. At the same time as you have prepared, you should also have allocated a clearly defined strategy and time frame for the specific recruitment procedure.

It is vital not to lose focus of the fact that an employment contract is merely the written intentions of the intentions of two parties. In the same manner that the employer seeks to find a suitable employee with a high work ethic, so the prospective employee seeks to find a suitable employer displaying those traits.

Candidates spend hours, days and sometimes weeks in searching for a suitable vacancy. They prepare and earnestly invest in their own personal development to be organised for a specific interview. They have allocated resources and years to building their careers, and deserve to be treated with respect, just as much as an employer or organisation commands respect.

By dedicating time to answer each individual whom you chose to shortlist for a specific vacancy, you are exhibiting a high level of professionalism and setting a good example for the candidate, who may even end up working for your company in the future!

Why do employers ghost applicants?

The relationship between employee and employer should, ideally, be built on mutual respect and trust. However, people don’t always behave the way they should — on either side. The most common reason job candidates get ghosted is also the one they have the least control over: a company simply changes focus; a change in priorities; a position they thought they needed to fill right now suddenly isn't as important or an influx of internal referrals. However, the aforementioned denominators should be covered in your recruitment strategy and groundwork. Don’t go to market if you’re not ready or sure!

It is not a pleasant experience, whether it's in a social context or from a recruiter responsible for a job. And while ghosting might not be illegal, it is at the very least interpreted as disrespectful.

Would you really want to work for an organisation who cannot show respect and professionality from the beginning? Organisations or employers have equal responsibility to ensure they attract the best candidates, by making sure they set the standards they expect from people by leading by example! Apply this fundamental principle and appreciate the increased quality of staff loyalty right from the beginning!

(Auth: NvZ. 06/08/20).

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