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Level 2 Leisure at Last! Time to break out and explore nature!


Remember the days when the only surgical masks you saw were on Grey’s Anatomy? Seems like a lifetime ago. Who would have imagined that social distancing would even be a thing? Malls smell like hospitals and just about every retailer is taking your temperature. The new world we live in feels sterile and unreal.

At last we have arrived at Level 2 of the lockdown and it is time to break out and explore this beautiful country of ours! South Africa offers exceptional diversity if you want to get out and experience nature: wide open spaces, vast mountain ranges, miles of pristine beaches, nature trails, parks and game reserves.

Source: c@ – Chapman’s Peak Drive South Africa

If you have cabin fever (ok, fever is a bad word), now is the time to plan a mini vacation that will reignite your passion for life. And it needn’t break the bank.

Being creatures of habit and convenience, we tend to frequent the same shops, restaurants and entertainment venues, seldom venturing far from the familiar! But if change is as good as a holiday, why not take a mini-holiday in your own back yard for a change?

Forget hours of travelling and the ditch the stress of having to holiday on credit.

So here’s the plan:

1. Close your eyes and picture a part of South Africa that you have always wanted to visit.

2. Check your diaries and calendars, then choose a week (or even a long-weekend) that works for the whole family.

3. Skip TV tonight (be honest, you’ll probably end up channel hopping, only to end up watching reruns). Instead, make a “surfing” date with your other half or your bestie.

4. Start by deciding on an adventure or experience that will be the highlight of your trip and plan around that. Examples could be: learn to surf, ride an elephant, do a 5km trail run as a family.

5. The next step is to book accommodation. Try something different: If you are a hotel type of person, try a self-catering resort or a Bed & Breakfast, for a change.

6. Draw up a budget and do the necessary planning. Make your arrangements as though you will be venturing FAR from home. Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your place, feed the pets etc.

7. Get all the boring shopping out of the way before you leave.

8. Think like a tourist. Be prepared to try new things and sample new food. Pack like a tourist – sun lotion & hat, camera, brightly coloured baggies, sarongs etc. Get all the packing out of the way days before, so that you can relax from the moment you shut down your laptop on Friday. No, you are not taking your laptop with you.

9. Look forward to your mini-holiday!

Obvious advantages of taking a local weekend-away or mini-holiday:

  • More economical! This option leaves you with more money to spend on your family.

  • You get to avoid hours and hours of traveling. Your holiday starts earlier and you will feel refreshed rather than exhausted when you arrive back home.

  • You get to support local businesses.

  • You will get to know your area better.

  • Make new friends you can meet up with again. Great networking opportunities for the future.

  • It is greener. No, not the grass on the other side! Holidays closer to home lowers your potential carbon footprint, so it is kinder to the environment.

Tell us about it

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(Article courtesy of my beautiful fiancé)!

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