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It is hard to imagine a safari lodge or tour company conducting no tours, but that is what happening

Tourism companies are virtually in hibernation mode as the novel coronavirus slashes travel plans and, in turn, their revenues. It is hard to imagine a safari lodge or tour company conducting no tours, but that is what happening! Usually this time of the year our lodges are operating at full throttle. Who would have ever visualised an August like this?

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Most lodges are still hibernating, and no one knows when this period will end.

However, the president of the World Health Organisation recently called on nations to consider opening up borders to allow people to travel. You can read the article which provides a glimpse of hope for our industry that we love so much!

The SafariStaff team is optimistic about the future and believe that there is enough substantiation to suggest that tourism will explode post Covid-19, as it cannot remain shut forever and the rest of the world knows this. East Africa is fundamentally leading the marathon by example, confidently opening up their safari lodges and regions for international tourists; and have had some success so far. Kenya has followed suit and we anticipate other safari regions will do the same in the next few weeks.

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SafariStaff, too, has had to endure a season of forced hibernation. We have been using this time to reposition ourselves in a way that will be even more effective in this post C-19 environment. We are in the process of developing some exciting new projects that will benefit you as a candidate, and are rearing to get going!

The Safari Hospitality world will open again soon, and there is hope for the future! We are also gearing up to provide some assistance to all our candidates, past and future, through a blog series: “The Do’s and Don’ts of Job Hunting Post Covid-19”, so keep an eye on our blog and social media pages for more information.

Avoid falling into despair, as there is hope! Be prepared and watch this space for more constructive advice!

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