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Global tourism is in the midst of major metamorphosis!

It is Wednesday 5 August 2020 - a day in a year that will go down in history as one that irreversibly changed the world as we once knew it. This year has wreaked havoc with global economies and sent many industries virtually screeching to a halt. In other ways this pandemic has levelled the playing field and intrinsically redesigned the way we conduct business. The virtual world has been catapulted into the forefront overnight, bringing forward tech dimensions we only dreamed of in the beginning of the year.

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How fast have things changed in the last six months! Global tourism is in the midst of major metamorphosis! These are exciting times for Safari Lodges throughout Africa!

Digital project manager Belèn Vidal from explains in an article how digital technological advances have changed how travellers will travel and how technology will provide an even more interactive, exciting and participative experience in the future. We no doubt have some very exciting times ahead. Do yourselves a favour and read the interesting topics on the trends and updates in travel and tech.

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SafariStaff is also, once again, on a journey of innovation! We are working hard in the background to bring new and exciting changes to the business model that will see us harness some of the aids provided by this incredible technological world we find ourselves in. So please keep watching this new space!

Our brand new weekly blog feature is aimed at improving our service to you. We will be sharing relevant information and advice, designed to provide you with solutions for simple, smoother and more effective recruiting, post Covid-19. We are excited to be working on innovative ideas.

Soon we will be kicking off with a series entitled “Gearing up for Tourism”, which will cover a range of topics designed specifically to address some of the questions that may be on your mind at the moment. Our first article “Ten Questions You Should Be Asking during Interviews” will be uploaded soon.

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Don’t forget that we have an outstanding database of exceptional candidates in the safari hospitality industry, so please feel free to get in touch for any recruitment needs.

Our recruitment fees remain the most flexible in the industry and we are here to discuss and provide assistance and elasticity where we can!

The international leisure travel borders will open again soon, be ready to welcome your guests to your lodge by ensuring you have the most professional team in place!

Get in touch. Email to find out how we can help!

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