Candidate expectations &  agreement form

We value professionalism and integrity! We do also understand that finding a suitable job is relevantly important and is as much desired as is professional conduct. However, as an agency we do require a certain commitment and some loyalty from candidates whom we represent.


As a candidate you will also be representing SafariStaff as a business and therefor share equal responsibility in your conduct as an individual and or couple in similar fashion than SafariStaff as a company and agent. We endeavour to represent all our candidates as well as all our clients with the utmost respect at all times. We respect their individuality and confidentiality. In return we expect candidates to be presentable and act in a professional manner. All candidates who advance to a second stage of the recruitment process with any client will be subject to the candidate expectations and agreement clause from SafariStaff International. Candidates who do not agree to the agreement in representation will not be represented by SafariStaff International and will be removed from its data base and any application made on candidates' behalf will be withdrawn from any and all clients.

Confidentiality agreement

SafariStaff International value all client and agent relationships at the highest level. We appreciate that organisations will from time to time share sensitive internal information that will be considered to be confidential and as such must be protected. We are committed to protecting confidential clauses and will always require any associates, partners and or represented parties to be subject to our confidentiality agreement before any information is shared. 

Click the link to view our agreement memorandum. 

Agent consulting DIRECTIVE agreement

Our Terms and Conditions.

For details on our terms and conditions and to know more about how we work please review our agent consulting and memorandum agreement here:

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All clients will receive the memorandum agreement as a binding contract prior to engaging SafariStaff International and any services offered but the company.

International Recruitment policy

SafariStaff International offers its services as a recruitment agent to organisations throughout Africa as well as other international tourism and hospitality destinations. The recruitment process for international destinations and placing staff internationally is an intense process that requires many hours of dedicated work to ensure that the process is completed without incident. As a result the agency have developed a simple international recrutment policy which all international clients will be subject to in order to protect services invested in offering the consulting process. 

In countries where candidates are subject to working permits and relevant visas the following apply:


Should clients agree to offer an employment contract to a SafariStaff International candidate, the client shall be responsible for a total of 40% of the final placement fee which will be invoiced to the client and the payment will be due no later than 7 days from the day the candidate starts his/her employment with the client.


A total of 60% of the final placement fee will be invoiced to the client and the payment will be due no later than 90 days from the day the candidate starts his/her employment with the client.


The final invoice will be due irrespective of whether the applicable and relevant visas and work permits have been obtained or not. SafariStaff International will not be responsible for the successful application process of visas or work permits associated with the relevant regions and countries. Outstanding money will be due. Successful visa and work permit processes remain the responsibility of the client.


In the case where no visa or work permit is required whether by default in terms of candidates’ residency status or whether in countries that do not require visas or permits, 100% of the final placement fee will be due no later than 14 days from the day the candidate starts his/her employment with the client.

SafariStaff International will endeavour to pre-qualify all international candidates to ensure that a candidate meets all the required criteria for a successful international placement that is subject to immigration requirements.

For further information please contact us by email:

Please Click here to view our agent agreement memorandum.

African Working

Visa requirements

To be eligible to work in African countries, candidates must be able demonstrate relevant job specific experience of a minimum of three years. Additionally relevant qualifications are required and such qualifications must be industry related. Please view our international recruitment criteria here: link.


For example, a diploma in Hospitality management, any degrees such as Bachelors, Masters or MBA and or lodge management certificates such as the certificate offered by Wildlife Campus are generally well received and accepted as most relevant industry specific qualifications. Additionally, a valid and up to date passport with a minimum of four pages vacant, a security or police background certificate from your country of origin and a valid yellow fever inoculation card must be presented by candidates applying for international vacancies. However please note that rules and regulations are subject to change without notice and are issued and controlled by authorities in each international destination. SafariStaff International nor any of its international clients may be held responsible for the process and outcome results of each individual application process. It is the responsibility of each candidate to ensure all information provided is true and valid in order that all applications may be aided in the most comprehensive way possible to ensure better chances of success. Please ask your assigned recruitment consultant for more information.

The below information is not  an official representation of current polices in international countries but are merely shared as a guideline for clients as well as candidates. SafariStaff International will not be responsible for any content, its relevance and or true authentication of information. 

Most international clients employing expatriates will offer to apply for relevant permits and visas on the candidates behalf and cover cost associated with the process, however each agreement is subject to the offer of employment and the terms agreed upon between the client and the successful candidate. Candidates may be subject to an exit agreement clause which may make candidates responsible for reimbursing the client in financial terms should the candidate not complete the employment term for what so ever reason.

SafariStaff International is not responsible for any visa or work permit requirements and will not be held responsible for any lawful binding requirements associated with immigration laws for each individual country. 

The below are general guidelines:

Guidelines for all South African applications from abroad or neighbouring countries:



A duly completed application form as per the submitting embassy, consulate or Department of Home Affairs office.

SAQA Application – The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). This is one of the requirements for a general work visa whereby SAQA evaluates all foreign qualifications and converts them to a South African education equivalent.

Police Clearance Certificates (for all applicants older than 18 years of age).This requirement for a general work visa is a document issued by the police or security authority in each country you have resided more than one year and confirms the existence or non existence of any prosecutions or convictions that may be registered against you.

Proof of Advertisement. In order to show proof that a local candidate (South African Citizen or permanent resident) has tried to be recruited to the role. These requirements for a general work visa needs to meet specific requirements in terms of where placed, size of advert etc.

Employer documentation that includes your contract of employment and a letter of under taking for the repatriation deposit.

Medical well being – part of the requirements for a general work visa application include proof that the applicant is in good health. Applicants will also have to submit a radiological report.

Certain professions in South Africa require foreigners to be registered with the professional organisation which have a presence in South Africa. For example, Engineers are required to register with the “Engineering Council of South Africa” (ECSA).

Personal information – this includes such items as your CV, proof or birth, marriage, divorce and passport.

Guidelines for all Kenyan applications from abroad or neighbouring counties:


Foreign nationals wishing to work in Kenya are required to obtain a work permit. However, work permits are generally only granted in instances where the employer can prove that doing so would be beneficial to Kenya and the position cannot be filled by any suitable Kenyan applicants

Foreign nationals wishing to be employed by a Kenyan entity are required to apply for a Kenyan work permit. The different classes will depend on the specific circumstances of the applicant. Generally, the success rate depends on whether skilled labour for the position is available locally i.e. employers are required to justify employment of the foreign national instead of a local.

All work permits are generally valid for 2 years, with renewals permitted for an extra 2 years at a time. The number of renewals is unlimited. Renewals need to be done at least 3 months prior to expiry.

While each work permit may have specific documentation requirements, the following are all required:

  • Dully filled and signed application Form 3

  • Covering letter from employer/self/organisation depending on the class (as applicable)

  • Copies of the foreign national’s passport

  • Two coloured Passport size photographs

  • Application form fee of KES 40

Step 2: Submission to the Ministry of Immigration

Once the application is submitted at the Ministry of Immigration, it shall be presented to a committee for approval. This process may take between two and six months.

The following factors are considered by the committee when deciding whether to approve or reject an application:

1. The amount of investment and its impact on Kenya’s economy, which is determined by the auditors’ report or bank statement

2. The number of jobs that will be created for Kenyans, which is determined by the application letter submitted by the applicant’s agent

3. The nationality of the applicant. An applicant has a higher chance of approval of his application if his or her country of origin has a stronger economy’s than that of Kenya and low criminal statistics and security threats.

If the application is successful, the Ministry will issue a Notification of Approval will be issued. If it is rejected, a Notification of Rejection will be issued. This Notification of Approval is valid for ninety days pending payment of the government fees.

The entry permit is then endorsed on the applicant’s passport.

More information can be found here.

Guidelines for all Tanzania applications from abroad or neighbouring counties:


All foreigners intending to work in Tanzania must obtain both a work and residence permit. The work permit allows a foreigner to undertake specific employment in Tanzania, and the residence permit enables a foreigner to reside in Tanzania. The issuance of work permits is regulated by the Non Citizen (Employment Regulation) Act, Act No. 1 of 2015, while the grant of residence permits is governed by the Immigration Act, Act No. 7 of 1995. The Labour Commission, which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Labour, Youth, Employment and Persons with Disabilities issues work, permits while the issuance of residence permits and Visas is the work of the Immigration Department, which is found within the Ministry of Home Affairs.


Part 1
The Non Citizen (Employment Regulation) Act vests the powers of issuing work permits with the Labour Commissioner. According to the Act, a foreigner is not authorised to engage in any occupation in Tanzania unless he/she obtains a valid work permit and such a person can only engage in the occupation specified in the work permit. It should be noted that pursuant to Section 10 (1) of the Act, Any person who wishes to employ or engage a non-citizen in any occupation should apply for a work permit to the Labour Commissioner prior to entry (into the Country) by the non-citizen.

Guidelines for all Botswana applications from abroad or neighbouring counties:


Who qualifies for this service?

All expatriates who want to enter the republic of Botswana for the purposes of employment.

What does it take to apply for the service?

  • Proof of a job advert

  • Submission of original advert should include qualification, experience, employer’s address and contact numbers and the closing date.

  • Advert should circulate for a minimum of 14 days.

  • Advert should not be older than 6months

  • Within the 14-day circulation, applications are only open to Batswana citizens.

What do I need to apply for the service as an employee?

  • Contract of employment.

  • Application letter for work.

  • Letter of offer/appointment letter

  • Curriculum vitae (CV).

  • Certified copies of certificates (all certificates in foreign languages must be translated to English)

  • Medical report

  • Certified copies of a valid passport (Passport copies should reflect applicant’s picture, passport number, and expiry date)

  • Passport size photos.

Interview Form

To help us understand candidates current personal situations better, we require all candidates that are invited for introductory interviews with SafariStaff International to complete an interview form prior to the interview date and time in order that the recruitment consultant may have the required information to assist with the preparation of interviews as well as assessment criteria.

Please click here to view the form.

Supplier summary form

SafariStaff International will provide each client and or responsible designated HR personnel with a detailed supplier summary form containing the respected candidates' and or couples' summarised information. This summary will also include notes of the introductory interview and is an official motivation towards qualifying a candidate for a specific role or vacancy.

The supplier summary is intended to provide the recruiter with detailed information to assist with the short listing process, streamlining the recruitment process for both client as well as the candidate. 

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