Lodge training


Managing a safari lodge can be one of the most rewarding roles in the hospitality industry! As a manager, you’re not just the general manager of the hotel or lodge, but the head of a community that may include 200 staff as well as 50-100 guests. And all will look to you as the commander and chief!


Whether it’s a disagreement among the staff or an argument with the park rangers, a bushfire, animals in the compound or no rain and therefore no water, you’ll be expected to come up with solutions and answers. It is a role that includes all aspects of business management. It is comprehensive and demanding - a 24/7 job. For most it is a lifestyle rather than just a job, and, if it's not your lifestyle, the job is not for you!


Understanding the concept of managing a safari lodge is critically important. It is not only important for the manager to understand the principles but its also equally important for owners and owner organisations to understand the management approach. 


SafariStaff International, in collaboration with the Wildlife Campus, offers training solutions on site and during normal safari lodge operating hours to enhance the existing staff output at the same time educate managers on the economic principles of safari lodge management. On-site training empowers people, and we believe that this is the cornerstone to success in managing a safari lodge. SafariStaff International can provide an initial management assessment overview and recommend training solutions in order to optimise staff resources. Our expert knowledge backed up by experience and qualifications can assist in the process of identifying areas in need of training and or implement management strategies for the lodge operations. SafariStaff International can write and provide tailored and comprehensive standing operating procedures (SOP) for each individual operation.


Areas of expert consultation include: 


a) Hospitality Lodge service, including guest approach, food and beverage service, identifying guest expectations and tailoring in-house experiences specific to individuals.

b) Sustainability training - the concept of sustainability in tourism and the more significant benefits of being a greener operation.

c) Destination management - designing authentic experiences unique to a property, incorporating culture for authenticity and implementing sound policies to maintain a high level of service.

d) Training staff on work dynamics, teamwork, groups and individuals in the context of lodge management and hospitality. 

e) Training local managers to develop management skills for a dynamic eco-tourism market.

f) Assist owners and managers to identify critical sustainable change needs and implement projects for better energy use to improve costs and efficiency optimising lodge/hotel or resort economic performances.

g) Design and implement best practice policies and procedures by identifying individual staff strengths and design personal development plans.

h) Streamline HOD operations and responsibilities.

i) Streamline operations in enhancing communications between HOD's to support general management. 

j) Provide short-term lodge management services while group or organisation process recruitment procedures and onboard new management staff with the objective to keep the lodge operating at organisations required standards.


An all-inclusive training package can be tailored according to the particular requirements of each property and then applied through practical training methods in the lodge environment during normal working hours.

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