Financial Controller



Financial Controller Job Purpose:


Responsible for the efforts and results of the financial department. Reporting to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in regards to all

financial and accounting activities. Oversee financial department staff in day-to-day operations.


Financial Controller Job Duties:


Oversee all company accounts and investments

Create monthly and annual reports to identify results, trends, and financial forecasts

Manage cash flow by tracking transactions and regularly reviewing internal reports

Supervise and manage financial department staff, including accountants and financial assistance

Motivate and lead finance team members by clarifying roles and providing helpful feedback

Suggest updates and improvements for accounting systems, including payroll and invoicing

Ensure that all financial transactions are correctly recorded, filed, and reported

Establish and implement financial reporting systems to comply with government regulations and legislation

Collaborate with auditing services to ensure proper compliance with all rules

Develop budgets and business plans for the company based on research and data reports

Review all financial plans and budgets regularly to look for cost reduction opportunities

Examine all financial statements and data closely to check for discrepancies

Create systems to prevent errors in data collection and calculations

Report to the CFO with timely and accurate financial information

Assist the CFO in presenting reports to senior executives, stakeholders, and board members.

Financial Controller Skills and Qualifications:


Bachelor's degree or master's degree in accounting, business, economics, finance, or a related field. Several years of experience in a business or finance environment; management experience; leadership skills; interpersonal skills; outstanding mathematical skills; honesty; integrity; reliability; solid written and verbal communication skills. High attention to detail; organisational skills; critical thinking and problem-solving skills; research skills; analytical skills; computer skills; understanding of data privacy standards

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