Dave Southwood

After finishing school and the army, I travelled the world to see if there was anything that could match Africa… but there wasn’t! I returned to Africa to become a Field Guide and spent many happy years guiding and inspiring superb guests from every corner of the globe. I then went on to manage remote safari camps, build lodges, train staff and market safari lodges internationally. Inevitably, my passion for photography made a natural progression into my daily professional life, and I started taking wildlife photography seriously. I have now travelled across the beautiful continent photographing the abundant wildlife species of Africa, but have also captured some of the industries' most iconic lodges and hotels. I love the people and especially the staff in these lodges, and it is my passion to develop the people into exceptional employees. 


As my passion took me to many exciting places, I got the opportunity to write articles for National Geographic, and now I am a resident in Australia, embarking on some exciting research projects in the fantastic landscape of this incredibly vast country.


With over 20 years’ safari experience, coupled with ten years’ working for Travel Africa magazine, I have the right mix of experience to understand the diverse challenges of lodge and hospitality roles.


My passion will always be Africa and the people that love and work in the hospitality industry. I am a well-known and respected friend and member of the safari community. At the same time, I am looking forward to getting to know the culture of Australia, explore the outback and learn from the people. We are excited about the opportunity to develop Safaristaff International in the part of the world and can't wait to make a positive impact in the eco-tourism market here. 


I am also very interested In Lodges/ Hotels and Resorts that would like Volunteers from far-flung parts of the world to add value to lodges, hotels and resorts operations and projects.


I do a lot of Pro Bono Work with lodges across Africa, and will also do so in Australia so please reach out and get in touch.

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