Back of House Manager

Back of House Manager. 


This is a very specialised job role and requires a minimum of 5-years experience in similar relevant environments.


Your report directly to the General Manager.

The Maintenance Manager will report to you


You would be required to be proficient and have substantial experience in the following fields: 

Painter, Carpenter, Aircon/Refrigeration, Electrical wiring, Plumbing, Diesel Mechanics, Boat Mechanics, Reserve Management, project management, solar farm and  main generator maintenance, water and sewerage maintenance.



You will assist in all the maintenance at the Lodge/Hotel/Resort – including plumbing, electrical (domestic), refrigeration and air conditioning, building, carpentry and general maintenance.

Solar and Hot Water will be your responsibility

Water Treatment and Sewerage will be your responsibility

You will be responsible for all routine and preventative maintenance.

You will be responsible for generator Maintenance

You will be responsible for fleet maintenance

You will be responsible for road Maintenance

You will be responsible for annual fire break burning and maintaining of the firebreak

You will be responsible for Monitoring of wildlife

You will be the liaison between suppliers and the company

Project management and managing large teams of staff will be a requirement



You will endeavour to keep a par stock of spares that will allow you to affect emergency and other repairs efficiently.

You will ensure that tools and spares are neatly stored and packed away.

You will perform a stock take of tools monthly and report any shortfalls to the manager.

Maintain open communication channels with the General or Lodge Managers and Guest Relations Managers and ensure that clear feedback loops are in place to ensure that status reports on problems are fed back to those who have reported them.

Hold frequent meetings with Lodge Managers and the Regional Manager

Attend and partake in the lodge morning meeting daily

Conduct morning meetings with the other maintenance staff and make sure that good teamwork exists within the team.

Produce Reports on status of projects and reports on monthly spend

Produce in-depth maintenance plans for routine and preventative maintenance

Ensure that the following duties are performed by yourself and your teams at the lodge:


Daily Duties:

Swimming Pools & Pathways

Sewage Plant



Gas Bottles

Wet Waste and Rubbish




Weekly Duties

1. Clean washing machine filters and pipes

2. Backwash pool filters

3. Clean aircon filters and pipes

4. Check & clean aerators on taps

5. Check all back of house lights are working

6. Check sliding doors

7. Chicken run under decks & lodge surrounds

8. Clean fridge pipes( to stop leaking)

9. Staff village- check all lights and do check around the village for maintenance

10. Do maintenance check in the canteen

11. Check gas supply for the interactive kitchen, main kitchen & canteen

12. Check wood supply and maintain levels

13. Check paraffin supply and maintain levels

14. Clean shower drains


Monthly Duties

TLC toilet chemical

1. Clean/ service aircon

2. Deep Clean fat strap (Over and Above Daily Cleaning)

3. Clean tumble drier

4. Check & rinse water filters

5. Clean roofs

6. Check smoke detectors & fire extinguishers

7. Clean showers and bath drains in all rooms

8. Pool loungers to be washed

9. Banqueting chairs to be washed

10. Check lights are working in main area including guest bathroom

11. Check fans are working

12. Clear debris from around the main lodge

13. Check sliding doors railings

14. Fireplace to be cleaned to avoid carbon build up

15. Clear spider webs from around the lodge

16. Check toilets are working and flushing properly

17. Deep clean and repair lanterns



o Check all lights are working (inside & outside)

o Check all plugs points

o Check toilet function

o Check fans and report any problems

o Check air conditioners

o Showers

o Geyser

o Mosquito netting and windows

o Clear debris from the roof and around the room (one

room per day)


Lead by example

Take Ownership

Clock Watching - Forget about a 8 hour day this is a 24/7 role!

Daily Maintenance

Morning meetings



  Taking responsibility for your actions and decisions.

· Training and motivating staff – never be scared to teach people or think by teaching people that they will become a threat to you

· Stand back – assess – plan – carry out

· If the task is worth doing do it 100%


· Be prepared to learn something new each and every day

· Be prepared to teach someone something every day

· Give instructions clearly – encourage staff to ASK questions if they do not understand the instruction 100%

· Complete the task before starting the next one – if you cannot complete a task – record and go back to complete it as soon as possible – don’t “jump around”… this is when things are not completed and is actually worse than not doing the task at all as you end up with 100’s of incomplete jobs.

· Quality control – standard of work must exceed the standard of the lodge!!!

Try and change people’s attitudes and way of thinking…

o not my job

o littering

o what do you care it’s not yours

o wasting

General Office duties

· Human Resources – leave register and other requirements

o Disciplining of staff – non-performance, standard of work etc

o Quality control and monitoring progress

o Control of stock and tools

o Ordering (do not over order – negotiate the best deal for the company)

o Budgeting – repairs & maintenance or capex

o Attending of all necessary meetings; i.e. morning, finance, etc

o Communication – TO & FROM ALL DEPARTMENTS

o Administration – “paper work” – allocating of invoices and GRS etc


· Implement and maintain the sustainability program for the lodge

· Maintain a 96% sustainability score



· Diligent self-starter, with a high level of attention to detail

· Results focused, but willing to work with diverse personalities in a challenging environment

· Generate and maintain a positive momentum and high levels of productivity.

· Maintain social, ethical, organisational and professional norms.

· Keen willingness for ongoing personal development.

· Excellent communicator;

· Team player who works productively with wide range of people

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